Monday, March 21, 2011

Been working on getting all of the videos and pictures from the TPG awesome open up but the internet hasn't really been working with me lately. Got the first video up about an hour ago after nine days, nice.

This last week Catrin and Helena came to visit us which was super fun. Unfortunately they didn't get a single day of sun, which was kind of strange since we've had like two days graybird since January, bummer.

Our car broke down, front left suspension gave up totally but is now fixed, really funny.

Yesterday the sun came back but Hanna has been kind of sick lately and I got it aswell. Not only was it bluebird, but we had some new snow! 10-20 cm wind affected goodness, stompalicious.

Me and Hanna feel like we're done here in Bad Gastein and will soon begin our slow journey back home to visit family and friends before we head up north to Funäsdalen and perhaps some other places/competitions.


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