Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Presenting the TPG Awesome Open Winners!

Team Pow Pow Baby

After some technical problems that made everything (except the partying) delayed at the banquet. We finally showed the movies at Haeggbloms bar here in Bad Gastein and since time slipped away judging was simply cheers from all the people at the party.

On wednesday of the competition week we had a mandatory day of skiing/chillin' in the same area, the "parkbowl" of Stubnerkogel. Hanna and Pukan came with cookies, coffee and..

Mandatory Jägermeister

I let people who wanted to try out the new NoCopy True-skis
And discussed Contour-cameras and other gear with the ones who was curious
Back to the banquet!

All riders were really happy with the comp (and free booze).

Winning team got a Contour HD camera with lots of accessories, t-shirts, sweater and goggles from NoCopy.

Second place was awarded with t-shirts from Contour.

and then there were free giveaways such as lipbalm with flavoours from contour and lots of stickers from Contour and NoCopy.

A big thanks to Contour and NoCopy for making these awesome prices possible, to Haeggbloms for hosting the banquet and to all the riders and partypeople for making the comp an banquet a good time. 


  1. Nice with the winners, but can we also see the other movies from the TPG Awesome Open? Fred Ut!

  2. Ze other videös will be presented soon.
    Just wanted to give the winning team some extra cred