Thursday, March 10, 2011


So this week hasn't exactly worked out as planned... Not at all.
Monday started out with hooking up with another team and give them a quick tour on the mountain, filmed two runs.
Tuesday we went to sportgastein to film some lines on the north face, second run Frans binding pre-realeased and the rest of the day was spent on helping him down and get some climbinggear to rescue his ski.
Wednesday was a get-together kind of day for the participants, skied one line which I made a mistake on that ruined the flow = not in the movie. Rest of the day we just chilled since everybody except me was hungover and I needed to get some stuff done for the banquet.
Today our plan was to get up to have a rematch on yesterdays mistake on a line and get some other lines with gnarly drops in but our friend Alex called from the hospital and told us to pick him up. The thing were that he wasn't allowed to leave and about the time we realized that it was too late to get up and get any shots.

Tomorrow is going to be busy, shooting and editing in the same day, in 8 hours. Wish us luck.

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