Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The drive from hell

Yesterday Hanna was supposed to land on Rygge airport, just outside of Oslo and take the bus to Gothenburg where I would pick her up. Well, that didn't happen. Snow and fog forced her flight to land on Sandefjord airport from where they went by bus to Rygge. Of course she missed the last bus to Gothenburg (2335), the next one didn't depart until 0745 the following morning and the airport is closed during the nights. "No worries", I told her, "I'll come and pick you up".

From Borås thats a 300 km long drive, one way, which isn't very long since it's a good highway almost all the way. Problem was heavy snowfall, heavy as in "I saw the road clearer with all of the lights turned off in the middle of the night and there was a lot more snow on the highway than I have ground clearance on the car". But that was obviously not enough, of course the air had to be really cold but the snow had to be super moist and sticky. It stuck everywhere and froze, on the windshield, windshield wipers, headlight, foglight, mirrors, brakes etc. A couple of times I had to stop to go out and knock the ice of the car because more or less the whole car was an ice cube.

I left Borås around 2330 and came back home at 0630. I thought more than once on my way to Rygge that my drive there will either end up taking half the night or in the ditch. Luckily on our way back home they had cleared most of the snow of the roads.

By far the most exciting drive I've ever done. Retrospectively I'm glad I did it because the worst conditions are the best teachers.

Bless four wheel drive

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