Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back home in Sweden

Yesterday I stood up at 0400 to pack the last stuff , drive Hanna to the airport and then continue down to Borås.

I was blessed with what must have been the most beautiful morning I've ever seen and I had forgotten how beautiful the west-coast of Sweden is with some snow. The drive went good as well, open roads, bluebird and some nice music made my thoughts drift away (mostly thought of different theories about the universe expansion, believe it or not). All of a sudden I was passing signs that welcomed me to Gothenburg so I picked up my phone  and texted my cousin Filip who I haven't seen in a long time (who lives in Gothenburg) but I guess he wasn't awake, no wonder, who is awake at ca 0800 on a saturday morning? I'll visit him next week instead.

Yesterday I met up with some friends and we went partying, really fun night but my body seems to be a little heavier then usual. Witnessed one of the funniest things in a long time too, there was this guy who wanted to dance with this girl, problem was that she wasn't the slightest interested, something that he didn't notice (or maybe care about?). They both stood there dancing, he smiling and she screaming to her friend to help her out (if she moved he just followed her). Apparently my friend took a bunch of photos of it but it wouldn't be fair to post them....

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