Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some pics from Japan

A snowmonkey photo by Linus Zetterlund

These dudes followed me the whole time, I have absolutely no idea who Mattias and Pontus are? Photo by Linus Zetterlund

Me, Frans and our photog, Niclas. Photo by Mattias Unander

"Yeah Pontus, I'm orange, thats why I'm the best skier on this mountain"

"I'm just going to ski down right outside this sacred temple, you think the locals are ok with it?"
photo by Linus

"Today I'm also orange, thats why I'm so much stronger than the guy in the background wearing a vest"
photo Linus

Mr Linus "Erkan" Zetterlund

Erkan outside our hotel, great place! haven't slept or eaten so good in a long time.

Erkan with the awesome dinner we had at the hotel. We even had a private room for it. G, eh?

Yesterday I actually was out picking flowers here in Bad Gastein, what a winter...

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