Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The weather hasn't exactly been on our side during our trip to Japan, warm weather followed by cold and some light, fresh snow followed by warmer weather made everything pretty solid and there is deathcookies everywhere. Apparently it's going to snow as soon as we leave the country, feels my usual luck...

Yesterday we went to Nagano, it was nice to see a bigger city. We learned a couple of things; Pontus is at least XXL in Japan, how big a crosswalk can be, that traffic lights can play songs and just how good sushi really can taste. I also learned that losing your camera is bad, fortunately people here is really honest and polite so I got it back from the bus today, felt like a heavy weight lift of my shoulders since I had a lot of material from yesterday on it.

In the evening we ate traditional japanese food here at the hotel, really good!

Today it's raining so I'm just chilling and am just about to get started with a Japan-edit.

Here is a pic Mattias Unander took of Linus Zetterlund and the dinner we ate.

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