Monday, February 14, 2011


The last week has been quite chill. Went to Munich to pick up Hanna, stoked to see her again! Spent a night with her just outside Munich and headed back to Gastein the day after. Showed her around the valley for two days and took two days off.

Today we went to sportgastein in nice weather to scope some lines. Guess what? We didn't scope them for when the snow comes, we're actually planning on skiing them any day now! Not that we have a lot of snow, but they hold enough snow, yeeeeea! Jumped a couple of small cliffs, tried to make a couple of decent pictures but nah. Snowpack is still wicked low and the snow is rock solid and crazy bumpy.
Going up tomorrow to try to catch some air. Have to get ready for the Japan trip (Sunday).

Some pics

Yeah, crazy snowpack. Wonder why I haven't hit anything big yet...

Hanna shredding the gnar!

Moving pictures from awesome kicker has to wait. When I got back from Munich, all the snow in the landing had melt, all of it...

But I'm superstoked to ski at the moment, a new pair of bindnings just got delivered, a new set of skis and some clothing is on the way and I'm going to Japan! Just want to go out there and shred 24/7!


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