Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lack of a better title

Yesterday was Johan and Bloms last day here in Bad Gastein and today was Bloms birthday so yesterday evening we decided to go to a cocktail-bar named Bellini to celebrate him. Tried a bunch new ones, which was really fun since I don't know anything about drinks and they tasted really good too. It was definitely not the last time I went there.

The skiing wasn't very good yesterday so we just chilled and went to scope some lines on the north side of Sportgastein. We definitely need some good snow before we ski that, some really gnarly lines with a lot of "no-fall zones". Will be fun!

Today I have been looking for new music and found a band from New Zealand, The naked and famous;

They will be used in some episode, really liked them.

Speaking of bands from New Zealand, Cut Copys new album Zonoscope is out, awesome!

If you haven't heard, there will be an awesome competition here in the Gasteiner Valley in March, check it out @

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