Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sorry for a couple of days of inactivity. We've been busy doing... Ehm... I don't really know, but we've been busy... I think. Or something. Anyways, yesterday we went to Flachau Winkel, awesome times, today we went to sportgastein, rocky times.

This afternoon we went to afterski at Silver Bullet, where the swedish artist Linda Bengtzing performed. Unfortunately we had misunderstood when she went on stage so we only heard about five songs but it was nice to get out and meet some people.

In a couple of minutes we're heading home to our new friends Patrick, Henrik and Carro for a couple of beers and then the club. Roumors are that we will finally get snow! Just one more day of rocks and then...

Ginormous entry coming up in a day or two!

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