Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday second December

Today seems to be another good day in Skedsmokorset, Norway. At least it looks like it's going to be another sunny day, temps has gone up (was surprised over how well my new gloves from Nocopy handled the low temps yesterday) and I'm really excited to go out and try something new!

Yesterday evening me and my girlfriend Hanna went to Oslo to see our friends there for the last time before we go to our home for the winter in Austria. A bit sad but really nice too meet everyone.

Got a call from back home the other day, it was my mother who told me I have a box from Contour to pick up when I visit them (which is going to be either this weekend or on Tuesday). Stoked to try the new cameras and to be able to shoot in 60fps @ 720p, I bet the footage will look really good!

As I write the sun is starting to rise, think I'll set up a time-lapse now, the sunrise here is just beautiful.

Thanks to Gustav "GOS" Corin for linking to this page from his blog over at, check out his here (in swedish)

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