Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pow, kind of?

Today we took another chill day up on Stubnerkogel, just riding around jumping of small stuff and keeping an eye open for terrain that we want to ride when snow starts falling.

There is a couple of new cm's up on the mountin but not more than it just barely covers the previously spotable rocks. Something I did experience on the last run today. Jumped of a small cliff on my way back to the lift, had a really good position all the way thru the air, landed really hard, tumbled a couple of times, looked back up on the landing and saw nothing but rocks covered by two cm's.

All in all we had a good day on the mountain, there will be a new vid as soon as I get my editing software to run as I want to.

My buddy Ludvig somehow managed to crack the core of his Katanas, lengthwise. Really odd, we hit rocks all day long and all of us had a couple of coreshots but this happened when he was just riding.

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